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Assassins Creed 2 Assassin Tomb Locations

Assassins Creed 2 for xbox 360, PS3, and PC is poised to break many records. Assassins creed 2 for the xbox alone has already placed number 3 on the all time pre orders list. We here at Halo2and34u are going to bring you guides on everything for assassinc creed! Enjoy
 In Assassins Creed 2 for xbox 360 or PS3 you can find the tombs of once assassins. Assassin tomb locations are hidden throughout the world just waiting for you to find them and break the seal. The seals will be broken when you solve what ever the tomb seals asks you, if may be a riddle or you may have to preform the task, however for this guide we will tell you where the assassins creed 2 assassin tomb locations are and how you can find them. Inside the assassins tomb you will find treasure, armor, and weapons. You should strive to locate all the assassins tombs and get the contents hidden inside. Before the guide starts I would like to thank zwoooooooosh who made these great videos on youtube! Also just to let everyone know the xbox 360 and Playstation 3 both have tomb locations.

Santa Maria Del Fiore assassin tomb locations #1-

The first assassins tomb in assassins creed 2 is located in Basilica Santa Maria del fiore. To find this travel to Basilica Santa Mario Del Fiore and search the building for the seal of an assassin. Hawks and birds can help you find out where these locations are so remember to keep your eyes peeled. Assassins Creed 2 for the xbox 360 and PS3 does a great job in hinting towards the location on secret locations.
Basilica di San Marco assassins tomb location #2-

The next assassins tomb seal will be found in basilica di San Marco, this is a difficult one to retrieve as it requires a lot of bouncing around in order to gain interance to the assassins tomb. Remember as always to use the birds as help and as a guide when trying to figure your way to the tomb.
Assassins Tomb Locations Torre Grosa assassin tomb location #3

The next assassins creed 2 assassin tomb location is located at torre Grosa (big tower), as you can probably guess this will require a lot of bouncing and climbing around, remember to take it slow so you don't have to restart all over again after falling. Again use the birds as a guide.
Assassins Tomb Location Rocca di Ravaldino Fortress assassin tomb location #4

The next assassin tomb location is in Rocca di Ravldina Fortress. This one will require you to dodge guards and dangers while attempting to make your way to the seal of the tomb. This will require some quick foot work and some good thinking. Be sure not to get caught as arrows will hit you off your perch. Again as you know if the orignial assassins creed for the xbox and PS3 birds showed view point locations, assassins creed 2 xbox 360 and PS3 does an even better job at this, so use your help.
Assassins Tomb Location Santa Maria Novella catacombs assassins tomb location #5

Well this is probably the most likely place to find an assassins tomb in a catacomb. This may be the first one you stumbe on just because of its location in the catacomb of Santa Maria Novella. You won't meet many guards down here, just be sure not to fall down any holes.

Assassins Tomb Location Santa Maria della Visitazion assassins tomb location #6

This assassins tomb location is in Santa Maria della Visitazion. This is a pretty hard one to get as there are many chances for you to fall to your death, or simply fall and have to start all over again, you will be able to use the birds as guides on this one too.