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Fable 3 Legendary Weapons Locations


In Fable 3 you all probably know there are items called legendary weapons. In total there are 51 fable 3 legendary weapon locations. These weapons are "hidden" throughout the map and its your job to find them in order to wield their awesome power. Some of these extrodinary weapons can be purchased in stores or awarded for completeing quests, while the rest are randomly generated through the game in chests. This is a guide to helping you find all the Fable 3 Legendary Weapons!


Absolver Legendary Hammer


The Absolver legendary weapon location is one of these easiest legendary weapons to get is the absolver which is a huge hammer. The only way to get this weapon was to pre order fable 3. If you didn't do this you will have to trade with another character to get it.


Casanova Legendary Weapon


The casanova can be purchased in shops across the world. These will always be there so you don't have to worry about trying to find this weapon randomly.


Aurora's Shield Legendary Weapon


Despite its name Aurora's shield is not a shield at all, but actually a hammer weapon. It was wielded by Saler the Righteous earlier in its life but has now fallen into your hands. This weapon does a lot of damage, use it wisely! This weapon is found randomly as you progress through the game.


Avo's Lamentation Legendary Sword


Avo's Lamentation deals some serious damage for a sword, which is probably why it costs so much. This is another one of those weapons that only appear randomly through the game usually in Legendary Weapon Chests.


Barnumificator Legendary Pistol


The Barnumificator is one of the best pistols in the game. This is another one of those weapons that appears randomly in Legendary Weapons Chests.


The Merchants Body Guard Legendary Sword


This is one of those weapons that you can purchase in a weapons shop. Which therefore generally makes it less rare than the randomly appearing ones.


Mr. Stabby Legendary Sword


Mr. Stabby is a sword that can also be purchased in shops throughout the game.


Really Sharp Pair of Scissors Legendary Weapon


This is another extremely good sword in the game. Its additions also make it that much more prized. This weapon can only be found randomly in Legendary Weapon Chests.


Slimquick Legendary Sword


Slimquick is another legendary weapon that can be found in stores throughout the game.



Lets take a quick break from describing the Legendary Weapons and I will tell you where to find the Legendary Weapon Chests. These are throughout the world and are usually shown after you complete a certain task.


Aurora Demon Door Legendary Weapon Chest Locations


Open this demon door to gain access to one of the legendary weapon chests


Mourningwood Dark Sanctum Chest Locations


Complete the puzzle of switches and caulderons to get to this legendary weapons chest location


Sunset House Legendary Weapon Chest Location


To get to this legendary weapon chest locations you must go into Sunset House and find the Gold Key Door. Through this door is where your chest waits, you can find the gold key at Chillbreath Caverns.


Mistpeak Valley Demon Door Legenary Chest Location


To get this random legendary weapon chest open the mistpeak valley demon door.


You may also be interested in fable 3 demon doors!


As more information comes out about the Fable 3 Legendary Weapons locations I will update this post. Thanks for reading fable 3 legendary weapons


fable 3 gold keys locations